Single Front to Back system


SoftWell provides solutions for traders and treasurers combining bank industry expertise with innovative technology to support trading, risk control and integration.

The company’s flagship product, Navigator, is a single platform, treasury and capital markets integrated solution with treasury and back-office functionality, supporting STP treasury lifecycle.

The solution covers deal capture, position management, P&L, limits control, settlements, accounting and reporting. For pricing, Navigator uses interfaces to major electronic trading platforms including the Moscow Exchange, Bloomberg, DB, EBS, etc…

FX Markets

  • Spot — foreign exchange, spot and split dates.
    Interbank deals, margin trading, customers trading.
  • Forwards — Outright, settlement and NDF.
    Coverage and substitution calculations.
  • Swaps
  • Banknotes — cash deals with notes.

Money Markets

  • Loans with fixed or floating rate:
    • Flexible principal cashflow during loan lifetime,
    • Flexible rate change schedule,
    • Sophisticated interest and compounding rules: quarterly, IMM and EOM dates, any compounding frequencies.

Capital Markets

  • Purchases & REPO — exchange and OTC deals with equities, bonds, promissory notes,
  • SLB (Securities Lending) — equities, bonds.


Maths — FINCAD

  • Futures — on currencies, equities, indexes, commodities, interest rates
  • Options — on currencies, equities, commodities,
  • Interest Rate Swaps (IRS/CIRS) — vanila and OIS
  • FRA

Trading Platforms

Bilateral real time integration
Prices and deals feeds, orders and iWELL prices stream publishing.

  • Moscow Exchange
  • Bloomberg,
  • Deutschebank,
  • Barclays,
  • Other platforms...

Reference Data

Integration with financial reference databases
Bonds, euqities, coupons and dividends, ratings:

Back Offices

Reference data
Business partners, financial instruments synchronization.

  • Diasoft,
  • IBSO,
  • Quorum,
  • New Athena,
  • Other back offices including customers in-house systems

Deals and transactions guarnteed delivery
MSMQ messaging protocol.

  • Diasoft,
  • IBSO,
  • Quorum,
  • New Athena,
  • Other back offices including customers in-house systems

Clearing systems

Incoming and outgoing messages
All documents types:

  • Russian clearing, SWIFT и KISC, Kazakhstan,
  • Payments nostro positioning,
  • Confirmations matching (SWIFT MT300/320).

Major Features

Back office is a fully integrated NAVIGATOR module.
It serves for deals and transactions settlement and accounting

  • Verification — deals double check,
  • Confirmations — SWIFT MT300, MT320, MT5xx; TELEX, e-mail.
  • Verification,
  • Nettings management and matching MT399 — by products, instruments, tradebooks and currency pairs.
  • Realeasing transactions — SWIFT MT202, MT210.
  • Accounting accordint to bank's accounting methodology
  • Releasing accounting entries into bank's GL,
  • Reporting of ant kind.
Reporting to National Bank and SEC.